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The City of Monterey's Parking Division manages parking to ensure reasonable access and turnover for residents and visitors. Find information here and in the Quick Links about parking regulations, parking meters and lots, parking tickets, and more.

Sound parking enforcement is important to the health, safety and economic vitality of the City. Our dedicated and productive enforcement staff is the heart of our effective parking enforcement program. A well-designed enforcement effort enables the City to maximize its use of the existing parking supply.

Among the activities performed by Parking Enforcement Section:
  1. Patrol a designated route or area of the City and enforce the City Uniform Traffic Ordinance with regard to parking.
  2. Issue citations with hand-held computer to vehicles parked illegally, such as loading zone violations, no-parking zones, fire lane violations, double parking, expired time zones, expired parking meters, disabled ped parking, etc.
  3. Detect and report malfunctioning parking meters to the Parking Operations Maintenance Section.
  4. Public relations; interpret policy/procedure to the public; assist public regarding location of streets, buildings and other points of interest around town.


Friday, July 4, 2014 -The Beachfront, Cannery Row and Waterfront Areas are subject to regular enforcement of the posted parking regulations.

Monday, September 1, 2014- The Beachfront, Cannery Row and Waterfront Areas are subject to regular enforcement of the posted parking regulations.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 - The Beachfront, Cannery Row and Waterfront Areas are subject to regular enforcement of the posted parking regulations.

Monday, October 13, 2014- The Beachfront, Cannery Row and Waterfront Areas are subject to regular enforcement of the posted parking regulations.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014- The Beachfront, Cannery Row and Waterfront Areas are subject to regular enforcement of the posted parking regulations.

Thursday, November 27, 2014 - No Enforcement

Thursday, December 25, 2014 - No Enforcement


Streets in the commercial areas of the City serve many competing interests. They are primarily designed for moving traffic; however, the general public, delivery trucks, taxis and buses all vie for space making the urban street one of the most sought-after resources a city controls. Parking enforcement plays a vital role to ensure that the street is used in the best interests of the community.

The primary objectives of enforcement are:
  • 1. Support the On-Street Parking system by equitably and consistently enforcing the parking regulations.
  • 2. Encourage compliance of the City's parking regulations.
  • 3. Promote traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • 4. Maximize the capacity of the existing parking supply through increased turnover.
  • 5. Protect access needed for commerce and public convenience; clear freight loading zones of all day commuters to allow adequate delivery space for commercial businesses; provide for a more efficient delivery of goods and services.
  • 6. Enhance the quality of life in residential neighborhoods by keeping residential areas free of downtown commuters and visitor parking.
You must pay the appropriate fine within 21 days of receiving a citation in order to avoid incurring a late penalty. If you believe that the citation is inappropriate, you must contact the City of Monterey, Parking Enforcement Center, P.O. Box 57001, Irvine, CA 92619-7001, or phone 1-866-802-0049 and request an administrative review.

Details on how to pay a citation and how to contest a citation

The City of Monterey with written permission and when called, will enforce the prohibited use of private parking lots by persons not authorized by the owners. The City requires that new or expanded business establishments construct and maintain parking lots to serve their customers and employees. If the use of these lots is not regulated and limited to persons authorized to use such lots by the owners thereof, it will defeat the purpose of the parking requirements imposed by the zoning ordinance and be an injustice to the persons who construct and maintain such lots.

Whenever a private parking lot is posted and signed in accordance with City Code Sections 20-86.1 to 20-86.4 it shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park any motor vehicle in such parking lot without permission or authorization from the owner of such lot. For the purposes of these regulations, the term "owner" shall include tenant, lessee, agent or other person having lawful control or possession of the premises. Private Parking Code Sign Description.
Auto Vu VehicleThe Parking Division uses a parking scooter equipped with AutoVu Mobile, a Mobile License Plate Recognition parking enforcement system. The system automates the current tire chalking and ticket citation process. The system integrates License Plate Recognition, image capture and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology into a complete and accurate vehicle parking enforcement system.

The Parking Enforcement Officer will patrol their assigned area in a parking scooter specially equipped with four cameras, two on the roof and two over the bumpers, a GPS antenna and computer. As the officer drives down the street, the position of the vehicle, the vehicles' image, location, time/date, and actual plate number are read and logged in the system. When the officer returns to the location a second time, the plates will be scanned again and an alarm will notify the officer when it detects a parking violation based on time/location data using the License Plate Recognition and Global Positioning System. Using a monitor mounted in the scooter, the officer will make a visual confirmation that the license plate matches, as well as actual pictures of the vehicle's position that was recorded during each pass by the officer.

The benefit of the system is two fold, a chalk less system will greatly reduce the potential industrial injuries that are associated with chalking tires by hand. This system will also allow an Enforcement Officer to cover a larger area in less time, which enables us to patrol and enforce, on a more regular basis, the residential parking programs.

Please remember, parking citations are issued based on the specific time limit of the space that your vehicle parked in and the amount of time it has been there. A chalk mark on a tire is nothing more than a reference point for the Parking Enforcement Officer to enforce the time limit.
Auto Vu Siren

Vehicle BootThe boot is a device used to immobilize vehicles that have accumulated five or more unpaid parking violations. California Vehicle Code Section 22651(i) gives authorization for the towing or booting of a vehicle when citations are issued and remain unpaid. Should your vehicle get booted for outstanding citations, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE IT...SEVERE DAMAGE WILL RESULT TO YOUR VEHICLE. To have the boot removed you must pay all your outstanding parking violations. Payment can be made at the:

City of Monterey Revenue Division
735 Pacific Street
(831) 646-3944

Upon payment a boot removal crew will meet you at your car and release it. If the boot remains on your vehicle for 72 hours your car will be towed and you will be liable for towing and storage costs in addition to the amount owed for outstanding parking citations.

Towed Vehicles - Vehicles that have been towed for violations of the Monterey City Code and /or the California Vehicle Code are done by the Monterey Police Department.  For information and/or to obtain a release for a towed vehicle, please call (831) 646-3830.

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Parking Violations
Expired Meter 20-99 $35.00
Time Limit 20-79, 80 $35.00
Loading Zone 20-89, 90  $35.00
Parked Over Line 20-84, 90   $35.00
Failure to Pay Fee 20-112.2 $35.00
No Parking Zone 20-66 $100.00
Disabled Parking Zone   20-37.4 $285.00
All fines include a mandatory surcharge by the State of California of $12.50 per citation.