Local Non-City Services

Type of Service and Company Name Address Phone Web address
Cable, Internet, Phone Service - Comcast   800-945-2288 or
Cable, Internet, Phone Service - AT&T   800-310-2355 (residential) 800-750-2355 (business) www.att.com
Sewer Service -Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency   831-372-3367 www.mrwpca.org
Gas and Electricity - Pacific Gas & Electric   800-743-5000 www.pge.com
Trash Pickup/Disposal Service/Recycling Services - Monterey Disposal Service Recycling Facility, Ryan Ranch, Monterey 831-372-7977 www.montereydisposal.com
Landfill - Monterey Regional Waste Management 14201 Del Monte Blvd., Marina 831-384-5313 www.mrwmd.org
Water Service - Cal-American Water Company   888-237-1333 and

Water Availability Status

The City of Monterey currently does not have water available for commercial and residential development. 

In other areas of the City, proposed commercial and residential projects are placed on a water waiting list. While there may be some additional water available in the future for projects on the waiting list, the timing for and amount of any additional water is unknown at this time.

Additional information on the availability of water and the status of the water waiting list can be obtained by calling the Planning Office at (831) 646-3885 or sending an email to montereysuggest@monterey.org. You can also view the current water chart.