Fixing Sewers - What a Relief

MAP for weeks beginning April 24 and May 1, 2017 - also see notes under Construction this Week

Schedule may change due to weather or other conditions

Latest news: The “What a Relief” Sewer Rehabilitation Program has six packages worth a total of $16.8 million in capital investment. Packages 1, 2 and 4 are 100% complete. Packages 3, 5, 6 are over half complete. The overall program is close to 75% complete, with full completion expected by March 2017. A second phase of Packages 3, 5 and 6 will begin in the spring with completion expected by the end of 2017. With most of the neighborhood sections finished, the project has shifted to more congested business districts. The City of Monterey thanks the community for their continued patience and understanding during this important infrastructure improvement project. The work schedule is subject to change.

What a Relief Sewer Rehab Status Map "What a Relief"Project Status Map, Jan. 2017

Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation Program


The City of Monterey is repairing and replacing its aging sewer system. The project will fix 441 sewer pipes and 516 sewer manholes located in streets and easements throughout the City. This is the second phase of a project that began in 2014. A rehabilitated sewer system will prevent sewer leaks and spills that could harm our quality of life, local economy and the pristine waters of the Monterey Bay.

Repairs are expected to begin in early 2016 and may continue for 18 months. Sewer pipes and manholes most in need of rehabilitation due to cracks, breaks, or root intrusion will be fixed first. Repairs may involve trenching, pipe bursting, or pipe lining.

Monterey’s engineering staff will be meeting with neighborhood groups and business associations in November and December to outline the project and its impact on local areas.

Funding for the $16 million sewer rehabilitation program comes from a low-interest state loan. The City has already completed a rehabilitation project on the city’s five sewer lift stations.

Citywide reconstruction of 500 manholes - expect work in your area - SEE MAP

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Weeks beginning April 24 and May 1, 2017:

Please note: Weather may cause possible delays or changes to the schedule.
Active Engineering Projects Schedule
  • Montecito Park Safety Improvements and Lighted Basketball Court - Park closed during improvements - Estimated opening May 20. (NIP and CDBG)
  • Citywide ADA Ramps and Street Reconstruction, Phase 3 - (Measure P) ADA ramps on Sloat Avenue - starting at First Street. Left turn from Del Monte may be closed at times.
  • Sewer Work - MAP for week beginning April 24 - ("What a Relief")
    Wed., 4/26 Van Buren, David, Colton; Thu., 4/27 paving patchwork on Alice St; Fri., 4/28, Van Buren, grinding pavement NIGHT work on Hartnell, David, Sat., 4/29, David Ave (complete by 9 AM)
  • Dennis the Menace Park Closed for Sidewalk Upgrades - Opening early May - (NIP)
  • Cal Am Monterey Pipeline Project (Non-City Project) - also see
    California American Water to begin concrete paving work on North Fremont Street; Weather permitting, sections of the roadway between Airport Road and Canyon del Rey will be reduced to one lane for approximately four weeks beginning Monday, April 24 2017. SEE NEWS RELEASE FOR FULL DETAILS Pipeline installation will also continue on High Street in Monterey, past Franklin toward Jefferson Street. Franklin Detour - 8:00 am through 7:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday 4/22 and 4/23 at Franklin/High
    Have a question or concern? Call the CalAm project hotline at: (831) 646-3297
  • Highway 68/Highway 1 Roundabout ( Night Work Sunday April 23 During the next stage of construction, additional congestion is expected in the eastbound direction along Holman Highway 68 because there will not be a dedicated right turn lane towards the southbound Highway 1 on-ramp. Also starting on Monday at 6 a.m., there will be no left turn out of the Pebble Beach Highway 1 Gate for approximately 5 weeks. This no left turn restriction will be in place 24 hours a day for the 5 week period. Here's what you need to know for entering and leaving Pebble Beach during the 5 week left turn restriction:
    - Highway 1 gate exit will be right turn only
    - Highway 1 gate entrance will remain fully open
    - To get to northbound Hwy 1 or westbound Holman Hwy 68, all drivers will need to use another gate, or the detour route.
    Map: HWY68- Pebble Beach Main Gate No Left Turn | Map: Highway 68 / Southbound Highway 1 Off Ramp Detour map | Map: Highway 68 / Southbound Highway 1 On Ramp Detour Map Sign Up for Text Message Alerts - Text 68roundabout to 888777
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    HH68 Roundabout May Take Longer
  • Ferrante Park Picnic Area Accessibility Improvements and Fence Repair - (NIP)
  • Storm Drain repair on Pacific Street near Whispering Pines Park (NIP)

construction signs



  1. Citywide Street Resurfacing Phase 4 - mid-May (Measure P)
  2. ADA Ramp and Street Reconstruction Phase 4 on Littlefield, El Dorado and Pacific (Measure P)
  3. 300 Block of Belden Street Widening (NIP)
  4. Hawthorne Drainage Improvements
  5. Police Department Lobby ADA improvements - May
  6. Wharf II Pile Replacement & Repair - Early May (CIP)
  7. Citywide Sidewalk Repair - early May (Measure P, Phase 3)
  8. Veteran's Park Bocce Ball Court - May (NIP)
  9. Alvarado Street Light Replacement - 26 street lights between Bonifacio and Del Monte

CalTrans may be performing other work locally. Look up CalTrans construction.

Click on the outlined sections of the map to see a close-up of that section, or see the PDFs below.